Case Studies

Companies all over the world use Prorize’s Self Storage Revenue Optimizer to improve efficiencies, optimize rates, and increase revenues. Download a case study today to hear directly from Prorize clients and learn how we can help your company do the same.

Highline Storage Partners Utilizes Revenue Management to Analyze Acquisitions and Optimize Prices in the Secondary and Tertiary Markets

When Highline Storage Partners entered the industry by acquiring stores in the secondary and tertiary markets, they knew that to be competitive required advanced technology to address many areas. Discover how Highline leveraged Prorize’s SSRO™ to grow 10x in one year and achieve astounding revenue growth.

ezStorage Credits Revenue Management System for Optimizing Rates and Efficiencies

ezStorage had an abundance of data but lacked the tools and technology to extract actionable insight. This was even after deploying another revenue management system for the self-storage industry. Download our latest case study to learn why ezStorage, acquired in 2021, chose Prorize’s Self Storage Revenue Optimizer to optimize rates and pricing efficiencies.

Pelican Self Storage Experiences Record Occupancy Levels Over 90%

Pelican Self Storage knew the see-saw of reacting to what just happened in a given month was costing them money. Learn how Prorize’s revenue management system was used to forecast demand and set prices across Pelican’s facilities, helping them achieve consistent yearly revenue growth.

Safeguard Produces Science-based Prices in a Fraction of the Time with Prorize

Safeguard Self Storage realized they were spending too much time and depending too much on people’s intuition to make pricing decisions. Read how after attempting to build their own solution, Safeguard chose Prorize’s SSRO™ and as a result, reduced the number of field overrides and decreased human dependency on pricing decisions.

Stein Investment Group Uses Data and Science to Adjust Prices Daily

As they grew and acquired more facilities, Stein Investment Group could not keep up with adjusting rates manually. Read this case study to learn how after deploying Prorize’s SSRO™, Stein was able to adjust prices daily, as well as balance occupancy and revenue to maximize returns on individual properties.


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